3 Things You Can Do With the Google Android Central

3 Things You Can Do With the Google Android Central – Android Central provides you with in-depth technical support, how-to guides, and helpful tips you can rely on! Android Central is a project of the new mobile platform leader, Google, which aims to create more accessible and feature-rich software for phones and tablets. Android Central is now part of Future, PLC, that also includes the iMind Share, iseless, and Windows Central social networks. This article will discuss some of the features of the new site and how to get it for free.


The most popular Android application is undoubtedly Ice Cream, an instant application launcher that allows you to browse and install several different applications on your phone. Ice Cream, as its name suggests, looks very similar to the popular and successful iPhone app. If you want to try out Ice Cream, you just need to download its APK file from the Android Market and transfer it to your device. Upon installation, you will be able to launch a number of applications such as games, music players and calculator widgets.

Daniel Badar’s Android Central project is another unique and useful application. The program enables you to browse and search millions of websites via Google. You are prompted with the usual ‘What are you looking for’ or ‘SEAReed’ queries, after which you can visit the websites of your choice and see the images and content contained therein. The cool thing about Daniel Badar’s Android Central is that it supports the very latest android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire HD.

The latest version of Google apps, called “Google Now”, has introduced a lot of exciting features, one of them being the Google Lens. With the Google Lens you will be able to get real time traffic information and weather forecasts for your location. The only glitch so far is the inability to use the feature while your device is rooted. If you’re able to use the application, however, you will definitely appreciate the advanced and user-friendly interface and the additional battery life it provides.


If you are looking for an application that lets you control your android smartphone with the convenience of your wrist, then Google Hangouts may be perfect for you. In case you have not heard of Hangouts before, it is a new feature introduced by Google that lets you use your smartphone as a virtual mobile phone and even streamline all your communication needs by connecting to a number of different services simultaneously. This hands free approach of making calls and receiving text messages is especially useful if you are travelling. You can stay in touch with your friends and family and never miss a call without having to carry a separate cellular handset and all the other wires and cables needed to carry your phone.

Hildenbrand is another amazing application that helps people with their HD video needs. HD to SD conversion is one of the most complicated and confusing process for any user. The only thing that you need is an excellent camera and a computer with an internet connection, and this software will transform your ordinary HD video camera into a HD versatile video camera suitable for all uses. With the help of the converter, you will be able to connect to your SD card and start shooting videos in high definition. Just like Hildenbrand, there are also many other HD video editing and recording applications from Google Android Central that you will surely find useful.

If you are thinking about buying a Google Chromium processor or Chrome OS tablet and are planning on using it everywhere, you should consider buying a Google Nexus S from the Google Android Central. It is a device that is especially designed for everybody, especially for low-end users and travelers. You can browse the internet, watch a movie, listen to music, take pictures and even play games while you are on the go, all from the comfort of your own desk.


The last device on the list is called the Daniel Bader Double Impact Pro. This device is basically an extension of the Google Android TV project which is still in development. It works similarly to a Chromebox but adds a few features on top of what already existed. The Google Android Central is not done with the Chrome OS by any stretch of imagination; it is still very much an experimental OS. So if you are in the market for something more advanced and something more usable than your standard chromebook, the Google Android Central is a great resource for you to use.

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